Friday, April 16


The Game Starts With Softball

My head needs to be into the game.
Waiting for a ball on tip toes,
extra hand ready to throw
with a crack of the bat.
Pitcher in her beat
One, Two, Three, SNAP!
"Steeerr rriikkk one!"
The game

Saturday, March 20

choices vs. consequences

Sometimes you will have to face life. Life will throw anything at you and your going to have to solve it or get around it. just like choices. Like what college you want to go to, or if you want to go out with this person. With choices comes consequences whether positive or negative. Some choices can cost you your life. for example, whether you try drugs. Some can kill you the first time you try it or if you have been taking for a while. In Ernest Hemingway's book, The Old Man in the Sea, the old man had to make choices, and some that could have cost him his life.

The old man's first decision was to leave Manolin behind with the other,lucky, boat and not let him come with him. The old man said,"No. Your with a lucky boat. Stay with them." The consequence of this choice was that when he was out at sea and could have used the help, he didn't have that help. He stated out loud,"I wish the boy were here and that I had some salt," ( 56). Also (50) the old man said,"I wish the boy was here". The consequence of not bring the boy out with him and sending him off with the other boat was that when he needed help when catching the marlin he had to do it by himself without any help from anyone.

The old man's second decision is not to bring any food of any sort. He only goes out with a watter bottle, which is consumed quickly by his ongoing thirst. The consequence of this decision is that he is forced to eat only the fish he catches, which can be have an unpleasant taste without any seasons, like salt. Also that the old man could become dehydrated. Repeatedly the old man keeps saying he would like salt like (80), "I will never go in a boat again without salt or limes."

Finally, the old man's last decision was that he didn't bring back up weapons or enough weapons. For example more harpoons. The consequence of this decision is that he has to fight off sharks from the marlin with only one harpoon and some rope. (102), "...when he rammed the harpoon down onto the shark's head...He hit it with his blood stained mushed hands driving a good harpoon with all his strength...wrapping himself in two loops of the rope. the old man knew that he was dead but the shark would not accept it." This shows the battle of the old man and the shark and how he used all the weapons that he had and he had lost them with the shark. so if he had to use the harpoon he wouldn't be able to because the only one he had was gone.

Just like the old man, consequences come with a decision. It's your choice to make the consequences good or bad. Just like the old man could have brought more water, although no food. Or more weapon, but not more line. Or he could have let the boy come, but maybe not need his help. All of these would have helped the old man but not solve the consequences. He didn't know he would need more than he needed until he actually came to the moment where he needed them.

Sunday, January 24

i heard i through the grapevine

“Okay, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Said Leigha waling into her bedroom.
“Okay,” replied Milani.
Both of the girls hung up their phones. They were going to meet at Michel’s house, in the morning. Joe was Milanli’s boyfriend. And Michel was Leigha’s boyfriend. All four of them were going to go to the movies the next day.
Milani and Leigha had been best friends since fourth grade, when Leigha had moved from Springfield. The two girls had grown close over the years, and were now like sisters. They had a lot in common and shared everything with each other. Leigha had long, silky, black hair, glasses and was kinda on the short side. were on the other hand Milani had shoulder length light brown hair and was tall for her age. They had good lives. They both had boyfriends, were the most popular girls in school, had lots of money and friends, and were loquacious girls.

Later that night Milani had gotten a text from Avery.
They had been best friends before Leigha had moved here. But when Leigha came Milani forgot about Avery and always hung out with Leigha.
“Did Leigha tell you what happened to her and Michel?”
“They broke up tonight.”
“Like an hour ago.”
“How did you hear this?”
“Michel texted me. I hate to tell you but…”
milani panicked for a second. "Is it about Joe. OMG! what did i do?" she thought to herself.
instead she asked,“But what Avery?”
“They broke up because he found Leigha and Joe making out in the lobby.”
“Shut up Avery. I know that’s not true. That is plausible but Leigha would never do that.” Milani was so glad Avery didn’t call her. Then she would have to hide her tears that were now dripping down her checks. She was heartbroken.
“Do you want me to even forward you the text Michel sent me?”
A minute later Milani got the forward text from Avery that had been form Michel.
“Now do you believe me?” asked Avery.
Milani looked at the text again. I did look like something Michel would say. And I did have all the forward crap. Avery couldn’t have done that. But what Milani didn’t know was that Avery did do it. She had snuck his phone out of his gym locker while he was at basketball practice and texted herself. She despised Leigha. Milani should be Avery friends not Leigha.
“Yeah thanks. I’m really tired. I’ll see you later.” replied Milani.
The next day Milani didn’t go meet up with Leigha or Joe, or anyone for that matter. She just sat in her room all day. She didn’t reply to anyone’s messages or pick up the phone when anyone called. It was a Sunday night and she had nothing to do, and tomorrow she would have to face Leigha and Joe at school. She decided she would go to bed early.

The next morning Milani’s alarm clock woke her up. An hour later she was in the car and on the way to school. She could avoid Leigha and Joe till lunch. She went on with her day as if nothing were wrong until third period when she ran into Leigha on her way to history.
“Hey where were you yesterday? I called you and you didn’t pick up. I even texted you and you didn’t respond.”
“Yeah I wasn’t feeling good. I had some Benadryl and was pasted out till 8 last night.”
“Oh. Well you’re feeling better today. I can tell.”
“Not really.”
“Oh. What’s the problem?”
“I have a headache. And I got an upsetting text Saturday. So thanks.”
“What’s the problem? What did I do?”
“You know what. Thanks.” Milani said trying to alienate Leigha and walked into history.
The rest of the day the two girls avoided each other.

“I don’t know what her problem is today.” Leigha said to Michel and Joe at lunch.
“She didn’t text me back either. Don’t worry about it. She’ll probably be better tomorrow.”
“I know Mili and she’s never been mad at me, not like this any ways. we've never been in a rebuttal before. I don’t know what I did. Michel what are you doing?”
“Look at this.” Michel showed Leigha and Joe the text Avery had sent Milani.
“How can you say that dude?”
“I didn’t. I saw Avery with my phone after basketball practice Saturday night. And that’s when this text was sent. So Avery must have sent this.”
“How can she even say that though?” Questioned Joe.
“Avery is jealous of me. That’s why. Her and Mili where friends before I moved here. And when I moved here Mili ditched Avery for me. I’m going to go find her.”

5 minutes later Leigha found Milani in the auditorium doing her algebra homework. Leigha sat down next to her. "Hey." Milani turned so her back was at Leigha. "I know you’re mad at me. And I know why."
"Why then?"
"You got a text from Avery saying I cheated on Michael with your boyfriend. And that's what you meant by an 'upsetting text' earlier."
"Yeah. She forwarded me the text she got from Michael."
"She took his phone during basketball practice. He just found the text she sent you at lunch. She can be a furtive person. Let me see the text." So Milani took out her phone and showed Leigha the text. “First of all, Michael doesn't put any punctuation in his text. And you should know that he has basketball practice Saturday nights from 5:30-8."
"But... I don't get this why would Avery do this?"
"She’s just jealous that you hang out with me more than her. She's just trying to provoke trouble. I mean we are sisters right?"
"Of course. "The two girls gave each other a hug.
"I’m sorry."
"No I’m sorry. I should have just asked you in the first place." The girls hugged again.
"Can I get in on this?" asked Joe and Michael. And joined in without waiting to hear an answer.
So all four of them walked off to English together hand in hand.

latter that day, after the last bell, Avery came up to Milani. "so what are you doing after school today. i thought maybe we could hang out?"
Milani turned to look at Avery. "sorry but I'm going Leigha's house with Michel and Joe."
"I though you and Leigha weren't friends?"
"No. That's not what happened. You don't want us to be friends. So you lied to me. And now i am filled with acrimony at you."
"why do you want Leigha? I'm magnanimous, a genial person, a hardy girl,and I'm not a vapid person at all."
"Obviously you are not magnanimous and are a malefactor, a obstinate person,and are an immutable girl. Maybe that's why I hang out with Leigha and not you."
Milani then turned and walked away to go find Leigha, Michel, and Joe with a smirk on her face. Leaving the truculent Avery behind.

vocab words:rebuttal, alienate, plausible, provoke, loquacious, furtive, magnanimous, acrimony, genial, hardy, vapid, truculent, malefactor, obstinate, and immutable.

Tuesday, December 15

second quarter book review

Becca towne
English 9
December 12, 2009

2nd quarter outside reading book review
along for the ride by Sarah Dessen Penguin Group, 2009. Genre: fiction

Auden is a teenage girl who just graduated from high school. She has received an invitation to come live with her father, Robert, stepmother, Heidi, and her new baby sister, Thisbe. One night at one of her mothers graduated students dinner, she realizes that she needs to get away from her mother and explore life. So she goes to her dad’s house and spends the rest of the summer there. While there she meets new friends and especially she meets Eli. Eli helps her relive her childhood since she hadn’t had one yet. Together they go threw the list checking off one at a time every night. By the end of summer she has completed her list and been through an emotional rollercoaster.

“This is young adult fiction at its best,” the book jacket raves, “delving into the minds of complex, believable teens, bringing them to life, and making readers want to know more about them with each turn of the page.”

This book is written in Auden’s perspective. She describes her thoughts and feelings. She also uses the fraise, “ I…” The authors writing style is very descriptive. She writes with a big vocabulary.

if i had to compare this book with another book, i would compare it with lock and key. these two books are very similar, not only because they're by the same author, and very different. they are different because its a different story and a different situation. they are similar because both books teach a lesson on something that could happen to you. also both of these books says something about a 2nd chance, one more than the other.

" it was the extra exclamation point that got me. my mother would call it extraneous, overblown, exuberant. to me, it was simply annoying, just like everything else about my stepmother, Heidi."

i loved this book. And I also love Sarah Dessen, she is amazing. i love how Sarah Dessen writes with such a big vocabulary, and how she can really connect with teens on things that we should be aware of, cause it could happen to us too. I love how this book teaches you the lesson, there's always a second chance and keep trying and never quit.

Monday, October 19

value essay

Becca towne

14th october, 2009

Value essay rough draft

Excaping with my love ones

Our country today is being seen as if we are in another despression. but still to day a lot of people buy useless things. Or they buy exsensive things and then throw it away eventually. There are people out there who buy hundred dollar sun glasses when you can go to a local family dollar and buy a pair for 5 dollars and it will do the same thing. Some people buy things that are good use or will be some value to them. Some people past buy the could have been good moments or as some people call them the priceless items/moments, Where you don’t have to pay a price to have fun.

Thanksgivng has always been my most favorite holiday besides christmas. I love it for a lot of reasons. First of all of my family gets together. So that’s a time where I see all of my family even the ones who don’t live around here. I also see people who I haven’t seen in a while like old friends and old family friends. All the people you love even if your not related get to be together to give thanks. And you also get to eat a ton of food.

I threw open the door with my mom and siblings trailing behind me. There at least 10 cars in the driveway to my aunt and uncle’s house. When I step in the door I get hit with a smell that makes me week at the nees. The smell of turkey, potatoes, squash, fresh rolls in the oven, pie, and all the other food. I go to the kitchen and put down whatever food we brought. Then I stop and look at all the food before I go on to see whos here. as I make my way through the crowd I say hello to everyone.

I hear a banging and yelling from upstairs. Those are my cousons I think to myself. I roll my eyes and start to head up the stairs. And of course all my cousins are there in my aunt and uncle’s family room playing a game of uno. Well some of them are playing,sitting in a huge circle, others sitting out watching and others watching tv. I go over to the game of uno I see that’s its almost over. “UNO!” shouts my cousin sara. One minuet later the game is over and I join for the next round. The game is over now. My cousin joe comes out of his room with his girlfriend, sam. Everyone knows that this is our last holiday with him for a while. Cause he’s going over seas in a few weeks.he follows me into the family room and all of us play another round of uno then watch a movie.

Suprizingly they called us down when they were rolling the credits. Just in time. We all rush down the stairs. Banging into each other. We sit down wherever and we all wait. When everyone is seated Joe says the blessing. When he is done everyone grabs a dish, takes some, and passes it on. When i'm done I look at the table with pies and cookies and all sortts of ummy treats. I look down the table to see if everyone is done. If people are done I take their plate from them and give them to Joe or Sam who are washing dishes. After they are done and we're all seated my uncle stands up and annonces that people can get up, a few at a time, and get some dessert. When I get to the table theres pies, cookies, and all sorts of treats.

When i'm done with my dessert and i've talk for a little its time for me to go. I take the 20 minuet ride listening to momma mia with my mom sitting in the front seat. When we get to the high school I see most of the band people here. I say bye to my mom and head inside to get my stuff and change. As soon as I walk inside I see Amanda. I run over to her and give her a hug. We talk for a second then I go and change into my uniform.

This has been the most wonderful thanksgiving. I got to spend time with my cousins, even the ones that don't live around her. And I also got to spend time with my friends in the band and the ones out of band. I also got to see some old friends who have come back for the holiday. This is something I'm definitely thankful for.

Have you ever gotten in a fight with someone like your parents or a sibling and want to escape but you can't leave the house? or theres something thats on your mind that you just don't want to focus on right now? what do you do? how do you escape?

I'm sitting on the floor with a big present in the shape of a box in my lap. I tear the wrapping off and see the ipod cover. I scream at the top of my lungs. My family covers their ears. When I stop I thank them very much.

I'm in a fight with my parents and want to get away from the chaos. I run up the stairs to my room and close the door. I put my ipod onto my speakers and turn them on. My finger presses the play button and turns up the volume. I lie down on my bed and clear my mind. when i come out of my room i'm refreshed and feel better.

I am so bored. So I get out my ipod and turn on the music. I sit down and sing with the songs. When my favorite song comes on a jump up and start to dance. When the song is over my throat hurts so I get out a magazine. The music is still playing. When I can't resist anymore I start to sing again.

I'm on the road walking in the crop walk for my church we do every year. I put my ipod in my sweatshirt and put in the earphones. I turn on a high-beat song and turn it up so I can still hear people but barely. My feet walk to the beat. It also gives me something to do other than hear the adults talk about things i don't know about in the world today. When I get to the finish line I feel good, I did something for other people while listening to my ipod.

Even though these two things are important to me they have similarities and differences. when I got my ipod it was a lot of money but i don't throw that money away i used it and treasure it. Even though it cost money it gives me priceless moments. And Thanksgiving is a time of thanks were I can give thanks for being with my family and friends. So weather I'm with my family and friends or in my room listening to music I don't want to waist money, I want the priceless moments.

Friday, October 16

outside reading book review

Rebecca Towne title: lock and key by: Sarah Dessen genre: fiction 10/6/09
Acell English Published by Viking, a member of Penguin Group in 2008

Ruby Copper has pretty much lived with her alcoholic mother all her life. But one day a couple days before her 18th birthday her mom abandons her. Ruby takes on her job and pays the bills. Although the electricity has been close to shutting off and there is no running water in the yellow house she lives with it. Till one day the landlords come to find out and she is forced to live with her sister, Cora, who she hasn't seen in 10 years. Now with a new school, no friends, and new family ruby has to adjust to her new life. But she can’t leave her old one behind. Ruby goes to her new school and car pools with her cute neighbor, Nate, and an annoying 12 year old who’s a senior, Gervais. She makes a new friend named Olivia who had gone to her old school last year. As she gets closer to Nate she learns they share some of the same problems. She also learns that his dad abuses him. Ruby also finds out where her mother is and what the real story is about why Cora never contacted her after she left for school. She finds out her mother is in rehab and that her mother had moved her so many times and never used her own name so Cora couldn't find ruby and take her to live with her. As weeks turn into months ruby gets used to her new life. Good clothes, an expensive school, and she even got a job. She learns that sometimes you need to back down and be helped sometimes. When she offers a hand to help Nate, he turns her down. But later convinces him to tell someone. They go to Cora, who deals with family issues, and gives him advise and sets him up to go live with his mother until the summer when he’ll work at a camp then go to college.
The school library journal states, "Dessen explores the interior and exterior lives of her characters and shows their flaws, humanity, struggles, and incremental successes. This is young adult fiction at its best." on the book jacket.
In this book the author uses descriptive word choice. Her sentences are long but also short. She doesn’t use too much dialog. She uses flashbacks. A book that I would compare it to is the sisterhood of the traveling pants series by Ann Brashares. Both of these books don’t have just one main character and they don’t stay at the same setting. They both jump around. Also both books don’t use that much dialog.
"I knew I should have been happy to see her- as unlike Nate or Heather, she actually was my friend- but instead I felt strangely uneasy. After all, I’d never even invited her into the yellow house, always providing excuses about my mom needing her sleep or it being a bad time- keeping the personal, well, personal."

I am in love with Sarah Dessen I loved this book so much. It effected me because it has taught me if you are being abused or are abandoned never not take help or even worse, not say anything at all. And always offer help too. What I like about the story is that it's about someone around my age, something that is happening today that I should be aware of, and it is filled with climax which keeps me reading the book. I wish she wrote, or is going to, write a sequel about what happens in the future of when the book leaves you.

Friday, September 11

becca's summer reading essay

first book title=My Sister's Keeper character= Mary James
second book title= Briar Rose character= Becca
setting= theres no real setting. there many.
Summer Reading Paper
Rebecca Towne
“This is Mary James at the Polish Jewish program based in Storrs. Our hours are 10am to 5pm on weekdays only except on holidays. For a list of our services, please press …” the recording was cut off.
Becca put the phone down and walked to her desk. She wanted to finish all the plans for her trip to Poland. “Why is almost everyone not helpful when I need them the most? At least the Polish Embassy was helpful.” She couldn’t wait to go on this trip. To finally find more answers about Gemma’s past…she hoped. She decided to try calling the Polish Jewish program. This time someone picked up.
“Hello, Polish Jewish program how may I help you?” said a young slightly drawling voice.
“Um yes hello. I’m planning a trip to Poland I was wondering if I could arrange for a translator.” Becca replied.
They had been speaking for about two minutes when her dad walked into the room. “Do you have a translator?” He whispered.
“Almost.” Becca replied.
“Excuse me?” Becca had thought that she had whispered the answer but apparently she had said it out loud; Mary had heard.
“Oh I’m sorry. Could you hold one second please?” asked Becca.
“Oh, yeah. Sure.”
Becca covered the mouthpiece with her hand and looked up at her dad.
“Rebecca dear, I want to make sure that you have a safe translator. Do they do background checks on their translators?”
“Oh dad, I’ll be fine.” Becca tried to make her father not worry about her safety. She knew all too well from her teenage years what would come next.
“Hand me the phone.” Becca gave in and handed the phone to her father.
“Hello this is Rebecca’s father, Dr Berlin. I have some concerns about this translator that you are arranging to meet my daughter in Poland.”
There was a slight pause at the other end of the line as Mary adjusted to hearing someone else’s voice. “Oh yes. Sorry Dr. Berlin. I had a friend back when I was younger whose name was Becca and her last name was Berlin and it’s actually pretty funny because he was a doctor too. Sorry. I should really get back to business. You see I’m and intern and oh boy. I’m messin’ this all up. My sister will be cross with me.” Mary sounded flustered.
“Oh it’s quite alright dear. We all have something to worry about and things we are new at. I’m worried about my daughter going on this trip and you obviously are worried about getting your sister cross. Tell you what. You, my daughter, and I must meet somewhere and if you could bring along the papers we need to sign and I would really appreciate that.”
“Oh um. Sure okay. There are papers that need to be signed but right now the Polish Jewish program is still getting set up at this new location and it really would be best atmospherically to meet somewhere else.”
A meeting place and a time were chosen then Dr. Berlin hung up the phone.
When they walked into the little cafĂ©, the first thing that Becca saw was a familiar face. “Mary? I haven’t seen you in a while!”
“Rebecca! Where have you been?” Mary squealed.
“I’ve been around. What are you up to? What are you doing here?” The questions came all at once.
“Well right now I’m livin’ with my sister who’s having a baby and right now I’m supposed to be meetin’ someone who wants to go to Poland.” Said Mary.
“No way. I think you’ve found that person. I’m supposed to be meeting a Mary James here. I’m going to Poland to find out what I can about Gemma’s past.”
“No way! Is Gemma still not telling?” Almost as soon as she saw Becca’s eyes start to water the tiniest bit she realized that Gemma had passed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”
“It’s ok. Now where is dad? I have a feeling that he knew all along. He always knows these stuff.” Just then Dr. Berlin walked up, gave Mary a quick hug and said, “I’ll let you guys sort it out and make plans for when Becca returns from Poland,” then walked away.
“Oh I’m sorry Becca, I need to get goin’ real soon. I’ll give you my number and the papers your dad asked for and when you get back you tell me all about Poland and Gemma’s story. I just know you’ll find it. I promised my sister I’d be home quick. She gets mighty cross these days.”
“Of course. It was great to see you again and I will call you when I get back. Say hi to your parents for me.” And before they both knew it their little reunion was over, and Becca was to meet a college girl, by the name of Magda Bronski in Poland, and she was to bring several pairs of size twelve blue jeans.