Sunday, January 24

i heard i through the grapevine

“Okay, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Said Leigha waling into her bedroom.
“Okay,” replied Milani.
Both of the girls hung up their phones. They were going to meet at Michel’s house, in the morning. Joe was Milanli’s boyfriend. And Michel was Leigha’s boyfriend. All four of them were going to go to the movies the next day.
Milani and Leigha had been best friends since fourth grade, when Leigha had moved from Springfield. The two girls had grown close over the years, and were now like sisters. They had a lot in common and shared everything with each other. Leigha had long, silky, black hair, glasses and was kinda on the short side. were on the other hand Milani had shoulder length light brown hair and was tall for her age. They had good lives. They both had boyfriends, were the most popular girls in school, had lots of money and friends, and were loquacious girls.

Later that night Milani had gotten a text from Avery.
They had been best friends before Leigha had moved here. But when Leigha came Milani forgot about Avery and always hung out with Leigha.
“Did Leigha tell you what happened to her and Michel?”
“They broke up tonight.”
“Like an hour ago.”
“How did you hear this?”
“Michel texted me. I hate to tell you but…”
milani panicked for a second. "Is it about Joe. OMG! what did i do?" she thought to herself.
instead she asked,“But what Avery?”
“They broke up because he found Leigha and Joe making out in the lobby.”
“Shut up Avery. I know that’s not true. That is plausible but Leigha would never do that.” Milani was so glad Avery didn’t call her. Then she would have to hide her tears that were now dripping down her checks. She was heartbroken.
“Do you want me to even forward you the text Michel sent me?”
A minute later Milani got the forward text from Avery that had been form Michel.
“Now do you believe me?” asked Avery.
Milani looked at the text again. I did look like something Michel would say. And I did have all the forward crap. Avery couldn’t have done that. But what Milani didn’t know was that Avery did do it. She had snuck his phone out of his gym locker while he was at basketball practice and texted herself. She despised Leigha. Milani should be Avery friends not Leigha.
“Yeah thanks. I’m really tired. I’ll see you later.” replied Milani.
The next day Milani didn’t go meet up with Leigha or Joe, or anyone for that matter. She just sat in her room all day. She didn’t reply to anyone’s messages or pick up the phone when anyone called. It was a Sunday night and she had nothing to do, and tomorrow she would have to face Leigha and Joe at school. She decided she would go to bed early.

The next morning Milani’s alarm clock woke her up. An hour later she was in the car and on the way to school. She could avoid Leigha and Joe till lunch. She went on with her day as if nothing were wrong until third period when she ran into Leigha on her way to history.
“Hey where were you yesterday? I called you and you didn’t pick up. I even texted you and you didn’t respond.”
“Yeah I wasn’t feeling good. I had some Benadryl and was pasted out till 8 last night.”
“Oh. Well you’re feeling better today. I can tell.”
“Not really.”
“Oh. What’s the problem?”
“I have a headache. And I got an upsetting text Saturday. So thanks.”
“What’s the problem? What did I do?”
“You know what. Thanks.” Milani said trying to alienate Leigha and walked into history.
The rest of the day the two girls avoided each other.

“I don’t know what her problem is today.” Leigha said to Michel and Joe at lunch.
“She didn’t text me back either. Don’t worry about it. She’ll probably be better tomorrow.”
“I know Mili and she’s never been mad at me, not like this any ways. we've never been in a rebuttal before. I don’t know what I did. Michel what are you doing?”
“Look at this.” Michel showed Leigha and Joe the text Avery had sent Milani.
“How can you say that dude?”
“I didn’t. I saw Avery with my phone after basketball practice Saturday night. And that’s when this text was sent. So Avery must have sent this.”
“How can she even say that though?” Questioned Joe.
“Avery is jealous of me. That’s why. Her and Mili where friends before I moved here. And when I moved here Mili ditched Avery for me. I’m going to go find her.”

5 minutes later Leigha found Milani in the auditorium doing her algebra homework. Leigha sat down next to her. "Hey." Milani turned so her back was at Leigha. "I know you’re mad at me. And I know why."
"Why then?"
"You got a text from Avery saying I cheated on Michael with your boyfriend. And that's what you meant by an 'upsetting text' earlier."
"Yeah. She forwarded me the text she got from Michael."
"She took his phone during basketball practice. He just found the text she sent you at lunch. She can be a furtive person. Let me see the text." So Milani took out her phone and showed Leigha the text. “First of all, Michael doesn't put any punctuation in his text. And you should know that he has basketball practice Saturday nights from 5:30-8."
"But... I don't get this why would Avery do this?"
"She’s just jealous that you hang out with me more than her. She's just trying to provoke trouble. I mean we are sisters right?"
"Of course. "The two girls gave each other a hug.
"I’m sorry."
"No I’m sorry. I should have just asked you in the first place." The girls hugged again.
"Can I get in on this?" asked Joe and Michael. And joined in without waiting to hear an answer.
So all four of them walked off to English together hand in hand.

latter that day, after the last bell, Avery came up to Milani. "so what are you doing after school today. i thought maybe we could hang out?"
Milani turned to look at Avery. "sorry but I'm going Leigha's house with Michel and Joe."
"I though you and Leigha weren't friends?"
"No. That's not what happened. You don't want us to be friends. So you lied to me. And now i am filled with acrimony at you."
"why do you want Leigha? I'm magnanimous, a genial person, a hardy girl,and I'm not a vapid person at all."
"Obviously you are not magnanimous and are a malefactor, a obstinate person,and are an immutable girl. Maybe that's why I hang out with Leigha and not you."
Milani then turned and walked away to go find Leigha, Michel, and Joe with a smirk on her face. Leaving the truculent Avery behind.

vocab words:rebuttal, alienate, plausible, provoke, loquacious, furtive, magnanimous, acrimony, genial, hardy, vapid, truculent, malefactor, obstinate, and immutable.