Monday, October 19

value essay

Becca towne

14th october, 2009

Value essay rough draft

Excaping with my love ones

Our country today is being seen as if we are in another despression. but still to day a lot of people buy useless things. Or they buy exsensive things and then throw it away eventually. There are people out there who buy hundred dollar sun glasses when you can go to a local family dollar and buy a pair for 5 dollars and it will do the same thing. Some people buy things that are good use or will be some value to them. Some people past buy the could have been good moments or as some people call them the priceless items/moments, Where you don’t have to pay a price to have fun.

Thanksgivng has always been my most favorite holiday besides christmas. I love it for a lot of reasons. First of all of my family gets together. So that’s a time where I see all of my family even the ones who don’t live around here. I also see people who I haven’t seen in a while like old friends and old family friends. All the people you love even if your not related get to be together to give thanks. And you also get to eat a ton of food.

I threw open the door with my mom and siblings trailing behind me. There at least 10 cars in the driveway to my aunt and uncle’s house. When I step in the door I get hit with a smell that makes me week at the nees. The smell of turkey, potatoes, squash, fresh rolls in the oven, pie, and all the other food. I go to the kitchen and put down whatever food we brought. Then I stop and look at all the food before I go on to see whos here. as I make my way through the crowd I say hello to everyone.

I hear a banging and yelling from upstairs. Those are my cousons I think to myself. I roll my eyes and start to head up the stairs. And of course all my cousins are there in my aunt and uncle’s family room playing a game of uno. Well some of them are playing,sitting in a huge circle, others sitting out watching and others watching tv. I go over to the game of uno I see that’s its almost over. “UNO!” shouts my cousin sara. One minuet later the game is over and I join for the next round. The game is over now. My cousin joe comes out of his room with his girlfriend, sam. Everyone knows that this is our last holiday with him for a while. Cause he’s going over seas in a few weeks.he follows me into the family room and all of us play another round of uno then watch a movie.

Suprizingly they called us down when they were rolling the credits. Just in time. We all rush down the stairs. Banging into each other. We sit down wherever and we all wait. When everyone is seated Joe says the blessing. When he is done everyone grabs a dish, takes some, and passes it on. When i'm done I look at the table with pies and cookies and all sortts of ummy treats. I look down the table to see if everyone is done. If people are done I take their plate from them and give them to Joe or Sam who are washing dishes. After they are done and we're all seated my uncle stands up and annonces that people can get up, a few at a time, and get some dessert. When I get to the table theres pies, cookies, and all sorts of treats.

When i'm done with my dessert and i've talk for a little its time for me to go. I take the 20 minuet ride listening to momma mia with my mom sitting in the front seat. When we get to the high school I see most of the band people here. I say bye to my mom and head inside to get my stuff and change. As soon as I walk inside I see Amanda. I run over to her and give her a hug. We talk for a second then I go and change into my uniform.

This has been the most wonderful thanksgiving. I got to spend time with my cousins, even the ones that don't live around her. And I also got to spend time with my friends in the band and the ones out of band. I also got to see some old friends who have come back for the holiday. This is something I'm definitely thankful for.

Have you ever gotten in a fight with someone like your parents or a sibling and want to escape but you can't leave the house? or theres something thats on your mind that you just don't want to focus on right now? what do you do? how do you escape?

I'm sitting on the floor with a big present in the shape of a box in my lap. I tear the wrapping off and see the ipod cover. I scream at the top of my lungs. My family covers their ears. When I stop I thank them very much.

I'm in a fight with my parents and want to get away from the chaos. I run up the stairs to my room and close the door. I put my ipod onto my speakers and turn them on. My finger presses the play button and turns up the volume. I lie down on my bed and clear my mind. when i come out of my room i'm refreshed and feel better.

I am so bored. So I get out my ipod and turn on the music. I sit down and sing with the songs. When my favorite song comes on a jump up and start to dance. When the song is over my throat hurts so I get out a magazine. The music is still playing. When I can't resist anymore I start to sing again.

I'm on the road walking in the crop walk for my church we do every year. I put my ipod in my sweatshirt and put in the earphones. I turn on a high-beat song and turn it up so I can still hear people but barely. My feet walk to the beat. It also gives me something to do other than hear the adults talk about things i don't know about in the world today. When I get to the finish line I feel good, I did something for other people while listening to my ipod.

Even though these two things are important to me they have similarities and differences. when I got my ipod it was a lot of money but i don't throw that money away i used it and treasure it. Even though it cost money it gives me priceless moments. And Thanksgiving is a time of thanks were I can give thanks for being with my family and friends. So weather I'm with my family and friends or in my room listening to music I don't want to waist money, I want the priceless moments.

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