Tuesday, December 15

second quarter book review

Becca towne
English 9
December 12, 2009

2nd quarter outside reading book review
along for the ride by Sarah Dessen Penguin Group, 2009. Genre: fiction

Auden is a teenage girl who just graduated from high school. She has received an invitation to come live with her father, Robert, stepmother, Heidi, and her new baby sister, Thisbe. One night at one of her mothers graduated students dinner, she realizes that she needs to get away from her mother and explore life. So she goes to her dad’s house and spends the rest of the summer there. While there she meets new friends and especially she meets Eli. Eli helps her relive her childhood since she hadn’t had one yet. Together they go threw the list checking off one at a time every night. By the end of summer she has completed her list and been through an emotional rollercoaster.

“This is young adult fiction at its best,” the book jacket raves, “delving into the minds of complex, believable teens, bringing them to life, and making readers want to know more about them with each turn of the page.”

This book is written in Auden’s perspective. She describes her thoughts and feelings. She also uses the fraise, “ I…” The authors writing style is very descriptive. She writes with a big vocabulary.

if i had to compare this book with another book, i would compare it with lock and key. these two books are very similar, not only because they're by the same author, and very different. they are different because its a different story and a different situation. they are similar because both books teach a lesson on something that could happen to you. also both of these books says something about a 2nd chance, one more than the other.

" it was the extra exclamation point that got me. my mother would call it extraneous, overblown, exuberant. to me, it was simply annoying, just like everything else about my stepmother, Heidi."

i loved this book. And I also love Sarah Dessen, she is amazing. i love how Sarah Dessen writes with such a big vocabulary, and how she can really connect with teens on things that we should be aware of, cause it could happen to us too. I love how this book teaches you the lesson, there's always a second chance and keep trying and never quit.